I Will Praise You

For Your ultimate design,

I will praise You.

For the blessings You’ve made mine,

I will praise You.

For the works You’ve done in me

And the works I’ve yet to see,

For the hope You’ve given me,

I will praise You.

These are the words to a chorus God gave to me many, many years ago.  I laid this song aside and had almost forgotten it.  But, today, the Lord has reminded me of these words of praise and I believe He wants me to share this chorus with you.  The melody resounds in my heart and mind and the expression of praise is even greater now than it was those many years ago.  I wish I could sing it for you but the Spirit’s voice is so much sweeter.  Sit back and let the sweet serenade of the Holy Spirt remind you of God’s plans for you and the hope we have in Jesus.


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