This is My World

“This is my world,” says the child from the broken home.  “Me and my little brother live with my mom most of the time.  We’re supposed to see our dad every other weekend but we’re lucky to see him once a month.  We really don’t see my mom much either – she works two jobs so we can live in a good neighborhood.  She does the best she can to take care of us but sometimes she leaves us at home alone while she’s at work.  Other times, she leaves us with her boyfriend.  I’d rather stay home alone than stay with her boyfriend.  He isn’t very nice.  He drinks; he smokes and he cusses – a lot.  He doesn’t help me and my brother with anything, either.  He just watches TV and drinks his beer.  We do our best to stay out of his way.  Sometimes, my grandma and grandpa pick up me and my brother for the weekend.  At Grandma’s house, we get to swim and eat Grandma’s good cookin’.  And on Sundays they take us to church.  Church is so much fun!  We play games, sing songs and hear stories.  I don’t really understand everything about the stories but I have a great time.  Wish I could go every Sunday but mom works most weekends.  I don’t think she likes church much, either.  I asked her to explain a Sunday School story once and she told me it was a bunch of lies.  Then she yelled at Grandma and Grandpa for taking me to church.  I don’t think the people at church would lie and I wish I could hear more about this Jesus guy.  That’s why I love weekends at Grandma’s and I hate it when those weekends are over ‘cause that means I have to go back to my house….  I wish I didn’t have to go back.”

“This is my world,” says the child from the religious home.  “My house is pretty busy.  My mom and dad both work.  I play soccer and baseball and my big sister, well, she talks on her phone a lot.  We do a lot of things at church, too.  Mom teaches Sunday School, and Dad is on just about every committee there is.  I’m in the children’s choir and I go to RAs.  My sister is in the youth group and she’s on the drama team.  Yeah, we do all that church stuff, but sometimes I can’t figure out why.  Mom and Dad really don’t talk much about God at home.  I’ve never seen them read their Bible except when they are sitting in church.   And my parents always seem to fight on Sunday mornings – I think it’s because it’s the only time they are together all week.  I don’t know…  But no one would ever guess my parents had been fighting just two seconds before those church doors open every Sunday.  They smile and shake hands with everybody just like nothing is wrong.  My RA leader says that we should tell God about our problems and he always asks us to share our prayer requests with the group.  I want to ask for prayer for my parents and for me but I’m afraid I’d be in trouble if I did.  So I just talk to God the best way I know how.  Hope He’s listening.  Oh yeah, there’s one thing I’ve been wondering.  Are all Christians like my parents?”

“This is my world,” says the child from the hopeless home.  “Dad left before I was born and mom couldn’t take care of me.  I’ve lived with different relatives over the years but no one wants to keep me.  They say I’m a discipline problem.  I really don’t try to get into trouble but somehow I always do.  It’s like I’m in the wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong people all the time.  I don’t have many friends because I’ve never lived in one place long enough to make any.  My aunt that I’m staying with now says I should try to meet new people, better people.  So, I tried to sit by this girl on the bus today.  She looked at me like I was some sort of disease and put her backpack in the empty seat next to her so I couldn’t sit down.  I thought she’d be a good friend, ya’ know – a good influence – ‘cause she’s one of those church people.  I’ve heard her talking with the other kids on the bus about her Bible club.  Well, she’s just like everyone else, only interested in being your friend if you’re smart, pretty or live in a certain neighborhood.  I don’t need her and I don’t need her Bible, her church or her God.  God’s never done anything for me anyway!”

“This is My world,” says the Father of our eternal home.  “I made this world, filling it with every living creature, every plant, every tree and with every man, woman and child.  I made this world to share with each of you and for you to share with each other.  I did not intend for you to be alone in this world.  So I created each of you to help one another, to encourage one another, to support one another, to love one another and to embrace one another.  But you choose to walk separate paths with your gaze set upon your own desires, never distracted by the neighbor who is in need or the child who is hurting.  You build walls around the world you now claim as your own – walls that keep out and walls that keep in.  This is still my world and my children are begging for your attention.  They need to know you love them, that I love them.  They need you to tell them of my Son.  Have you forgotten my gift to you?  Have you forgotten His sacrifice?  He lived with you, ate supper with you and prayed with you.  He fed you when you were hungry.  He healed you when you were broken.  He restored you when you were discarded.  He gave His Life for you when you were undeserving.  My Son left His world to change yours.  Won’t you do the same for my children?”


One thought on “This is My World

  1. Wow…unfortunately this is soo true. Made me cry. I know all 3 of those kids and more with variations. I pray that we all learn to love the way Jesus’ loves. Thank you for sharing.

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