In my life, I have had many difficulties.  Being born with a physical disorder pretty much determined that.  Walking, running, jumping and just getting from Point “A” to Point “B” have never been easy for me.  I’ve had to learn to adapt.  I’ve had to live without the fun of running races and jumping rope and as for walking, well, let’s just say I’ve never been much of a pacesetter.  That’s my life.  It could be worse.

There is, however, one thing in life that I have not been able to avoid and that is climbing stairs.  Ah, stairs – the bane of my existence!  Life would be so much easier for me without them but where would we be without stairs?  We’d be stuck at the bottom of everything, right?  No!  Come on.  Elevators have been around forever, like since 200 BC or something.  So what’s the deal with all of the stairs in this world?

I know.  I know.  Where would we be without stairs?  Would I have been able to look out over the Atlantic Ocean if I had not climbed to the top of the Castillo de San Marcos in St. Augustine, Florida?  Would I have been able to take in the beauty of Mount St. Helens if I had not climbed up the stairs to the observation deck?  Would I have been able to effectively be an angel in the Christmas pageant if I had not climbed the scary scaffolding to appear above the shepherds and sing of Jesus’ birth?  Probably not.  Sure, someone could have jeopardized the historical integrity of that beautifully maintained fort in St Augustine by carving out an elevator shaft.  And someone could have built a lift to raise me up over those shepherds watching their flocks by night.  But the reality is that there are always going to be stairs to climb whether I like it or not.

Stairs take us to a higher level, to a better view of things.  And though a struggle for me, I’ve found that the climb is always worth it.  In fact, with my limitations, conquering a flight of stairs is an accomplishment.  I don’t always feel that way, especially when I’m standing at the bottom looking up.  But when I’m looking back down after I’ve made it to the top, man, what a feeling!  I did it!

So it is with life.  No matter which way we turn, we cannot avoid those cursed stairs!  If it is worth striving for, there always seems to be a climb involved.  It may be difficult for us.  We may not be adequately equipped to make the climb.  We may be emotionally, financially or spiritually deficient and feel as though we will never make it to the top.  But God’s Word tells us that we can do all things through Christ’s strength (Phil. 4:13).  God never said it would be easy but He encourages us to keep going (Hebrews 10:36).  Would we ever truly appreciate the accomplishment if the climb was easy?

There are always going to be stairs to climb but take heart.  God has even overcome those nasty stairs.  And when you get to the top, you won’t believe the view!


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