Leftovers“Look mom!  I saved you some candy!” my 8 year old son proudly exclaimed as he pointed to a bag of Gummy Life Savers on the kitchen counter.  I picked up the bag of candy and peered inside to discover a handful of orange and green candies.  Can you guess which flavors my son doesn’t like?  Yep, orange and green apple.  So I was stuck with the leftovers…again.  Thanks a lot!!

As I was enjoying these delicious treats (sarcasm is so difficult to express in written form), I began to wonder if this is what God feels like when we give Him our leftovers.  What does He think when we so proudly present Him with those unsavory flavors of candy – that last five minutes of the day or that last ten bucks in our checking account?  “Look what I’m giving you, God!  Aren’t you proud of me?” we say after we’ve torn into the blessings He’s given us, consumed all the good stuff and left only the crumbs for Him.

Ouch!  Gummy Life Savers are supposed to be soft and chewy!  This bag of candy was tough to swallow or at least the lesson I received while eating it was.   And what a lesson!  My God gives me all that I need.  He blesses me beyond what I deserve.  He gives me life and hope through His Son, Jesus.  He forgives; He saves; He heals; He provides.  And all I can give Him are the orange and green Life Savers?  It appears my kid was not the only one needing a lesson on giving.

So, thank you, God, for the leftover orange and green Gummy Life Savers.  Thank you for reminding me of the abundance of your goodness.  May my gifts to you always be the first fruits of your blessings though I know that no gift can compare to all that you have given to me.  And may my children learn the lesson on giving by watching their mother live it.  Amen.

Oh, by the way, what my child didn’t realize when he gave me the candy is that in a bag of the Original 5 Flavors Gummy Life Savers, there are two candies that are colored green – one is dark and one is light.  And one of those green-colored candies is watermelon flavored which he actually does like.  Did I share that bit of information with the kid who ate all the good ones and gave me his leftovers as if it were the best present ever?  Are you kidding me? 🙂


2 thoughts on “Leftovers

  1. LOL. I love this lesson. I’m the worst at giving God my leftover time. Even in the morning when doing a devotional and telling myself that I’m giving God the first part of my day, my mind often wanders to the list of things I have to do that day instead of being focused totally on Him. I struggle with putting everything away in my mind and just savoring the time spent with Him. That is my immediate and most important goal, to savor, look forward to, and enjoy my time spent with God. Thank you for this.

    • Oh, I really needed this lesson! I struggle with this all the time. My words say, “Thank you, God, for all you do for me” but my actions – my giving back to Him – say something very different.

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