What If the Whole World Smiled?

Today I shared a book that I wrote a couple of years ago with the children at my church to encourage them to share God’s love with those around them through simple acts of kindness. After the reading, I challenged the kiddos to find someone who needs to know about God’s love and to choose something they can do for that person that will bring a smile to his or her face. For each act of kindness, the kids will earn a “Smiley Face” to place on a large world map hanging in our church hallway. Our goal is to “FILL OUR WORLD WITH SMILES.”

While preparing for the challenge, I began to wonder. What would it be like if I could get even more people involved? Could we fill the social media world or the blogging world with smiles? What if we determined to find one person each day to serve, to make a difference in that person’s life, to bring a smile to that person’s face? How far could this challenge reach? Could we really fill the world with smiles?

So, I extend the challenge to you. Let’s fill our world with smiles. Choose to make a difference in someone’s life today and share the love of God through your simple acts of service. Then share your experience with me. Post a “Smiley Face” in the comments below and tell me where you’re from and how you made a difference in your world. Let’s bring light to the darkness and see if the whole world really can smile.


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