Just for Him

Inspired by Dr. Glenn Eernisse, former Chair of the Division of Music at Brewton-Parker College

Surrounded by a sea of crayons, a little girl sits with all of her attention focused on the blank paper that lies before her.  Carefully, she chooses one color and then another to create the perfect picture for her father.  As the final line is drawn, she jumps from her seat and runs to deliver her gift.

“Daddy! Daddy!” she sings.  “Look what I made for you!”

With a curious smile, her father examines the brightly colored picture.  Though he isn’t quite sure what his daughter has drawn, his heart swells with pride.  His little girl has drawn this picture just for him.

Squirming with anticipation, the little girl asks, “Do you like it, Daddy?”

Her father reaches down and scoops up his little girl into his strong arms and lovingly replies, “It is beautiful!  Thank you for coloring this picture for me.”

Amidst a sea of colors, another child sits dreaming of all the pictures she might create.  There are so many choices and she has so many ideas.  “But what will my Father like?” she says to herself.

Prayerfully, she chooses a color and draws the first line.  Unsure of how the whole picture will appear, she chooses again and draws a second line.  Line by line, a beautiful picture filled with new and lively colors begins to form.  From the page leaps the child’s imaginative expression of her longing to please her Father.

Finally, the last color is chosen and the final mark is made.  Overwhelmed with peace, the child presents her work to her Father as she explains, “I know it’s not perfect but…”

A loving smile interrupts the child’s apology and offers the child a new sense of perspective.  The artistry now held by the Father’s mighty hands is no longer blurred and inadequate.  The colors of choices made and talents used come together to create a vivid portrait of a life complete and full.  Errors of doubt and uncertainty are erased as the outline of the Father’s will encircles the life drawn by His child.  A Father’s heart swells with pride for His child has lived a life just for Him.

The Father reaches down and scoops up His child into His strong arms as He says, “Well done, my child.  Well done.”


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