You Weren’t Made to Fit: A Letter to my “Square Peg”

Every day, I watch you struggle to find a place where you “fit”.  I see how much you long to be included, to feel at home somewhere, to feel accepted just as you are.  I feel your hurt when all the “Round Pegs” around you push you away because of your corners.  Oh, how I wish I could take away that hurt.  I wish I could make the world see the awesome kid that you are.

The bad news is I can’t.  I can’t change people.  I can only leave them in God’s hands.

But the good news is you’re going to be ok.  You see, you weren’t made to fit into the mold of this world.  God made you a “Square Peg” for a reason.  He molded you in His image and He has a purpose for those beautifully pronounced corners.  He has a job for you that only you can do – a job that requires your determination and resolve to go your own way, your imagination and creativity and your interesting perspective on life.

Knowing this won’t make life any easier, though.  You’ll still be teased. You’ll still hear ugly things that make you feel unimportant.  But when you are feeling down and you think there’s no place that you will ever “fit” or be accepted, just remember that God loves you just as you are, corners and all.  You will always “fit” perfectly in His great big arms.

How do I know this?  It’s simple.  I’m a Square Peg, too.  And, this Square Peg will always be here for you, ready to wipe away any tears, to polish up those awesome corners and to walk with you as you discover the great things God has planned for you.

“I will praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.” Psalm 139:14 (NIV)


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