My God is SO BIG

My God by Go Fish

Have you ever heard this song?  Click the link and take a listen.  It sure didn’t sound like that when I was singing it in Sunday School as a kid.  But I love this version and so do my kids at church.  We rock the children’s wing as we pump up the volume and sing as loud as we can, “My God is so big and so strong and so mighty. There’s nothing my God cannot do!”

For the last couple of weeks, I’ve created a healthy competition between the boys and the girls. I’ve challenged the groups to sing louder than the other.  OK. OK.  So, it usually becomes a screaming match but it is so much fun!  And I hate to tell the boys this but the girls can out-scream them any day of the week!  That’s just a fact.

Last night was no different.  I had the groups stand up and separate. I could see the excitement on each face.  The challenge was made and the boys and girls faced off to see who could sing the loudest.  It was a fierce battle.  Each team attacked with great force and enthusiasm.  The boys were not going to be outdone and the girls were not going to lose their winning title.  When the song ended and the kids began to settle, there was no doubt in my mind that this battle had to be declared a tie!  The girls actually did sing louder but the boys’ valiant effort showed that they can definitely stand their ground.

More than just a never-before-imagined tie between the boys and the girls, last night’s sing off yielded an overwhelming response within my heart.  As I listened to these children raising their voices to declare how mighty and big our God is, a huge list of worries began to whirl through my mind and I realized how silly I’ve been trying to handle these worries on my own.  I’ve been wasting so much time worrying about things that are out of my control, causing myself so much grief and damaging my emotions, my mind, even my body.  And it’s all been unnecessary!  You see, no matter the problem, my God is BIGGER.  No matter the obstacle, my God is STRONGER.  No matter the opponent, my God is MIGHTIER.

So, today I say to that financial concern, “Have you met my God?”  To the issues my husband is facing at work, “You better step back.  My God’s on the way.”  To the anxiety and nervousness that is constantly tormenting me, “Fear? Ha! My God’s got my back!”  I know there will always be problems.  There will always be obstacles.  There will always be mountains to move and waters to part but I don’t have to worry.  I serve a BIG, STRONG and MIGHTY GOD!  And there is nothing that He cannot do!!!


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