It’s That Time, Again! Vacation Bible School

Of all the things I get to do as Children’s Minister at my church, Vacation Bible School is one of my favorites.  (Of course, I really do love it all.)  What a wonderfully chaotic experience!! I love everything about it, from the planning to the decorating to the music and the crafts.  Even clean up afterward can be fun – oh, yes, I said “fun”.  If you’ve never felt the release that comes from tearing down and cleaning out a whole children’s wing, you really should try it! But don’t forget to have your VBS music blaring in the background. 😉

We’ve already had VBS this summer.  Our kids went on a deep sea diving adventure to discover that God’s great love can reach us wherever we go.  It was a blast – no wait, that was last year’s theme (Standard Publishing’s Blast to the Past).  This year our entire program took place under the sea (a seemingly popular theme among VBS programs) and our kids and adult and youth volunteers loved every minute.

Each night we dove into the depths of the ocean and observed mysterious sea creatures all around us.

We swam through a swarm of jelly fish and discovered a sunken ship where we learned awesome truths from God’s Word.

We crafted our own under the sea creations in a seaweed-filled cavern.

And we learned to serve others in our very own yellow submarine.

Our diving excursions began with registration at the Dive Shop on Pelican Pier.

And each night, we began and ended at Celebration Reef where we filled the ocean depths with our praises to God.

photo 1 - Copy

Whew! I’m tired just recapping our adventures!  Can you imagine what it was like with 58 children and almost as many youth and adults swimming around each night?  It was exhausting but wonderfully amazing at the same time.  Just seeing the expressions on each face, feeling the excitement in the air and knowing these kids were having fun learning about God’s love made all the effort, planning, decorating, hanging and re-hanging and then hanging blue table cloth again worth it.

Oh, but the best part was those three precious children who stood up to say they wanted to be a part of God’s family.  Yeah, that’s why I love VBS!


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