Gone Fishin’

“What do I do now?” Do you ever find yourself in life’s uncertain situations not knowing where to turn, what to say or what to do?  Well, I do and I have to admit, I do not enjoy these times. They are no fun, at all!  I open God’s Word and read one passage that points me in one direction and then flip to a different passage that seems to point me in another.  I seek godly counsel only to hear advise that tends to confuse the matter even more.  It’s enough to make me want to throw in the towel and run away from it all. I think, at times, that is what many of us do.  

But we don’t have to run.  In fact, we shouldn’t run.  There is an answer to the question, “What do I do now?”.  Are you ready for it?  

You may want to sit down for this.  

The answer is “GO FISHING.”

Yes, sir-ree.  That’s what I said.  “Go fishing.”

When you are facing a dilemma, when you’re at a fork in the road, when the world is crashing in around you, what should you do?  Go fishing.  Why not?  That’s what the disciples did.  

In John 21, we find Peter, Thomas, Nathanael and some of the other disciples at the Sea of Galilee.  They had just witnessed Jesus’ death, burial and resurrection.  They had been together behind locked doors when Jesus appeared to them and gave Thomas the physical proof he needed to believe the Lord was alive.  They knew Jesus was leaving to return to His Heavenly Father and they were scratching their heads saying, “What next?”  Then Peter declares, “I’m going fishing.” And the rest of the disciples followed. 

Leave it to Peter to just get up and do something.  He was never much for mulling over an idea.  He was always brash and quick to react – always decisive, never considering the outcome of his actions.  Good ol’ Peter decided to go fishing, but this time, he didn’t have such a bad idea.  What a fishing trip it turned out to be!  Not only did the disciples catch more fish than they could haul but this trip resulted in the revelation of God’s plan for Peter’s life.   

“Simon, do you love me?” asked Jesus. 

“Yes, Lord, you know that I do,” replied Peter.    

“Feed my sheep,” Jesus said. 

Peter went fishing.  He returned to what he knew best and it turned out that Peter was in just the right place for God to restore Peter’s life and to commission him for His service.   

So, what about you?  Are you facing one of those uncertain situations?  Do you want to just walk away from it all or are you ready to go fishing?  What do you know best?  What do you know for certain about God?  I know that God loves us (Romans 5:8).  I know that God has a purpose for us (Ephesians 2:10).  I know that He will walk with us in every situation (Psalm 23:4).  I know that He is listening when we pray (1 John 5:14 – 15).  I know that God has called each of us to tell others about Him (Matthew 28:19 – 20).  I know that He has given each one of us specific gifts and talents that He wants us to use for His service (Romans 12:4 – 8).  

So, what are we waiting for?  Let’s give our burdens to the Lord.  Let’s love our neighbors.  Let’s tell others about Him.  Let’s serve God with the gifts He has given us in the place He has put us.  We may not know God’s specific plan but if we are following God, doing what we already know we should do, we may just find that we are in the perfect spot for God to come in and change our lives forever. 

I’m going fishing! Would anyone else like to join me?


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