2017 – A Year for Smiles

Have you ever seen the Christmas movie about the extremely cheerful and hyperactive elf? It’s awesome and I love it! One of my favorite scenes is when a store manager asks the elf why he is smiling and the elf replies, “I just like to smile.  Smiling’s my favorite.”

Who doesn’t like to smile? Even more, who doesn’t like to see people smile? I love smiles. I love making people smile. Knowing that an encouraging word or kind gesture that I’ve shared brings a smile to someone’s face is a wonderful feeling.

It’s not always easy to find a smile, though. Troubles and sorrows overwhelm this world and reasons to smile are difficult to find. So, I’ve decided to find a reason to smile everyday this year and share those reasons with you. Maybe my reasons to Smile can help you find your Smile!

Day 1- New beginnings. Brushing off the old and starting over. Letting go of bad habits. Picking up the good ones. Knowing that the past is the past, living a better present and hoping for a brighter future. There is always Hope and that is most certainly a reason to SMILE! 😄


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