A Year for Smiles – Day 2

Reason to SMILE #2: Banana Popsicles!

The year I turned 12, I had to have my appendix removed.  For those of you who’ve never experienced appendicitis, you must know that it is not enjoyable.  I was miserable!  Stomach pain and nausea kept me trekking to the bathroom so many times that I finally decided to stay there.  The last thing I remember before finding myself in the hospital was lying on the bathroom floor crying and wishing the pain would end.

I don’t recall much else of what happened before surgery.  What I do remember, though, is the hospital starving me after surgery.  At least that’s what my 12-year-old mind believed.  By day two, I wanted real food but the doctors only allowed broth and jello.  A kid can only stand so much broth!  But there was one thing that made my recovery much more bearable – Banana Popsicles.  I’m not sure if the hospital ran out of every other flavor, but the popsicles that were served to me were all banana flavored.  And I just so happened to like banana flavored popsicles.  Yummy!!

I have to admit that by the time I left the hospital, I had eaten so many banana popsicles I was actually tired of them.  And to this day, no one in my family can be admitted to the hospital for any reason without my mother or myself jokingly inquiring of the flavor of the hospital’s popsicle supply.  Even last night, after I received a text about my nephew in Wisconsin being moments away from an appendectomy, the first thing that came to mind and my encouraging words to him were, “It’s going to be alright!  And when it’s over, you’ll get to eat lots of Banana Popsicles!”

So today, on Day 2 of my Smiles in 2017, I smile about Banana Popsicles.  As a 12 year old recovering from surgery, these popsicles were my comfort.  They made me smile and the memory still makes me smile today.

What about you?  Are you going through something unexpected?  Are you facing a situation that has knocked you off your feet or derailed your plans?  My advice?  Grab a banana popsicle – or piece of chocolate or cup of coffee or handful of almonds (gotta throw something healthy in there!).  The littlest of things can often bring the greatest comfort.  No, your problems won’t disappear but I guarantee while you’re enjoying that popsicle, you’ll find a reason to SMILE.


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