A Year of Smiles – Day 7

Reason to SMILE #7: REST

469a181dd0206176dfe8e08e98c4e738_sleep-clipart-nixbkbxxt-good-sleep-clipart_512-485We’ve all had those days when we hit the ground running in the morning and we keep running throughout the day until our heads hit our pillows again at night.  These days are exhausting and they come too often.  But oh, when the hectic, non-stop frenzy of a day is over, the rest that comes when we lay down in a warm cozy bed is A-MAZ-ING! There’s nothing that compares to it.

Tonight, in the City of Albany, Georgia, there are thousands in need of rest.  First responders, disaster relief crews and community volunteers who have been working all week to restore what has been lost need rest.  Thousands of citizens whose homes have been destroyed and lives turned upside down, who are seeking shelter from freezing temperatures and food for hungry families need rest.  To many of these people, rest is nowhere in sight.

So, will you join me in praying for my community?

Dear Heavenly Father, I first want to thank You for your great PROVISION for our city.  Thank You for your BLESSINGS, for volunteers giving of their time and resources, for food being distributed, for shelters being provided, for roofs being patched and for all the work that is going on throughout our city.

People are tired, Lord, and need rest.  I pray that, tonight, You will provide that AMAZING REST for our first responders, for those tirelessly working to restore power, for those cutting and removing trees and cleaning neighborhoods, for those repairing roofs and for those who are preparing meals for the community and providing shelter for those in need.  Restore their strength as they rest, restore their spirits and renew their drive to serve this city.

Lord, I pray also that You will, tonight, provide rest for those consumed in worry, those who have lost their homes or vehicles, those who have no power still, those who need warmth and shelter, those who need nourishment and other provisions.  Lord, may they sleep tonight in your PERFECT REST knowing that You are the Great Provider and may they rise in the morning with a SMILE knowing that You have it all under control.

In Jesus’ name I pray these things, Amen.


Image provided by clipartfest.com.


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