A Year of Smiles – Day 9

Reason to SMILE #9: KID-ISMS


We have a cat.  He’s an outside cat but, of course, when it gets cold, he becomes an inside cat. Right now, we’re experiencing some unusually cold weather so our cat, who, by the way, has his own fur coat and is probably warmer than the rest of us, gets to live it up inside.

The other morning, after being outside for a while, the cat was let in by my younger son.  I walked through the living room and my son said, “I let Guster in.”

“I’m sure he was cold,” I commented.

My son responded, “Yeah, he was scratching at the door saying, ‘Let me in before I die of…’ Uhm…Uhm…”

“Hypothermia?” I offered.

“No,” my son objected, “I wasn’t going to use the science-y term.  I was going to use English!”

I never know what this kid of mine is going to say but odds are it’s always going to make me SMILE!

What’s the best Kid-ism you’ve heard lately?  I’d love for you to share your SMILES with me.


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