A Year of Smiles – Day 28

EX·U·BER·ANCE [iɡˈzo͞ob(ə)rəns]excited-facebook-smiley

Noun: the quality of being full of energy, excitement, and cheerfulness

I saw it tonight.  I was sitting behind my church’s youth director, his wife and their 9 month old son at a concert.  This kid always gets excited when the music begins but tonight… The guest singer/pianist began his first song.  It was upbeat and loud and the little guy in front of me squealed with joy.  His body started shaking and his legs started jumping.  He was filled with excitement and cheerfulness and his whole body showed it!  It was so much fun to watch and it brought SMILES to all of us in the back corner of our sanctuary.

Exuberance – we need more of it in our churches, don’t you think?  Yet, it’s often hard to find.  Scowls, cold shoulders, aggravation, lifelessness – yep, we’ve got plenty of this stuff.  But excitement, fervor, enthusiasm, joy – these are often rare commodities. When these feelings are spotted, their expressions are often muted for fear of what others might think.  “I don’t want anyone thinking I’m a lunatic.”  Or maybe it’s a fear of losing control. “If I open myself up to these feelings, my life might be totally rearranged.”  Well…

Oh, Church, we have a reason to be exuberant.  We have a reason to shout and to squeal in excitement.  We have a reason to jump and even to dance (Yes, I said it!), for we have the love of a Savior who died so we could live.  We have the love of Redeemer who rose from the dead so we could be free from the power of sin and have the promise of life eternal.  We have the greatest gift that has ever been given so come on!  It’s time for us to let go of our fears and let our exuberance flow!

What’s that?  You don’t know how to show the world how you feel about Jesus?  Start with a SMILE – it always works for me!


Image by symbols-n-emoticons


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