A Year of Smiles – Day 31


I woke up in a horrible mood.  In fact, I was in such a bad mood that I seriously considered calling in sick – no, not sick… uhm … calling in grumpy.  But I couldn’t justify calling in simply because I was in a bad mood.  I’m pretty sure work wouldn’t have justified it, either.  (Although, I feel very strongly that this should be an acceptable excuse.  Think of all the people that would be saved from infection by such a communicable attitude if only “patient zero” were allowed to stay home! 😉 )

I had no idea why I woke up in a bad mood but I knew I needed help changing my outlook.  I turned to the Great Attitude Adjuster.

“Okay, God,” I prayed.  “I could really use something to smile about today.  Could you help me out?”

He helped me out, alright.  It just wasn’t in the way I expected.

My day was filled with one bad moment after another.  From a semi truck blocking my route to work to being overwhelmed by added job “requirements” to dealing with feelings of inadequacy to being called away from one job to handle a crises at the other job – everything seemed to drag me further and further into the deep, dark abyss of negativity.  All I could focus on was my unhappiness and the things which were causing it. This unhappiness devoured most of my day.

Around mid-afternoon, though, my smile arrived in the form of a little boy.  He walked in the office with his mom. The receptionist showed him the toys we keep in a small boy-facebook-smiley-facechest for such an occasion and he went straight for the cars.  One by one he lined up the cars in the foyer of the office building.  “Vroom!” I heard him down the hall.  “Vroom! Vrrroooom!”

Miraculously, my mood was lifted.  Every “vroom” and “beep, beep” brought joy to my soul and I could not help but laugh.  It was just the attitude adjustment I needed.  And by the way, if I had not first been called in to handle a “crisis”, this little boy could not have brought me a SMILE today.  You see, the crisis I handled was coordinating a last minute closing for the purchase of his family’s new home. That certainly gave me a new perspective!

God always knows what He’s doing and that’s all the reason I need to SMILE!


Image by symbols-n-emoticons.com



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