A Year of Smiles – Day 33

smiley-with-big-grinReason to SMILE #33: YOUR OWN GOOFBALL MISTAKES

It was time to leave for work.  I gathered my things, opened the back door, locked it and shut it behind me.  As I made my way down the steps into the garage, I realized that I had forgotten my coffee.  As you know, I cannot function without coffee in the mornings so I turned around to head back into the house.

“Aw, man!!!” I groaned.  I had locked myself out of the house.  Of course, that meant I was locked out of the car, as well.  I was stuck!  It was time to call my husband.  He was not going to be thrilled about having to leave work to come rescue me but he would just have to deal with it.  I looked for my phone in my purse and guess what.  I didn’t have my phone, either!

“What am I going to do?” I thought.  “Maybe I should see if the neighbors are home.”

I glanced over at the neighbor’s house.  No cars.  I groaned, again.  Then it hit me.  My dad had been at the house earlier to help a friend pick up a trailer.  In the hopes that he had not left, I ran around to the front of the house.  There was my dad’s vehicle heading down the driveway.  I began to wave my arms and shout to get my dad’s attention.  After a few moments of acting like a lunatic and being thankful the neighbors weren’t home, I almost gave up and decided I would simply be stuck sitting on my back steps all day until someone came home.  Then, I saw my dad’s brake lights brighten.  WooHoo!!

It was Dad to the rescue!  (Don’t you just love dads?  Oh, but that’s a SMILE for another day. 😉 )  After he unlocked my house, I hurriedly went inside to find my keys.  I searched and searched and searched.  I looked everywhere that I thought my keys could possibly be.  I even looked places that I knew my keys would not possibly be.  My search was futile.

Finally, I decided to make that call to my husband.  I had found my phone.  That was a plus.  I reached back to pull my phone out of my back pocket which is where I usually keep it if I haven’t put it in my purse and you’ll never guess what I found.  MY KEYS!!!!  Yep.  I had them on me all along.

Never in my life had I placed my keys in my back pocket but there they were!  Unbelievable!

Please, please tell me I’m not the only one who makes goofball mistakes like this!  I was pretty disgusted with myself at the time but I’ve since decided that I need to stop beating myself up for my beanhead blunders.  They’re a part of life and life is way too short to stress over silly mishaps.  In fact, if you think about, goofball mistakes are a great reason to SMILE and they make for hilarious stories down the road.


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