A Year of Smiles – Day 39


We live in an amazing time.  We are surrounded by technological advances that make our world a better place.  News and information is right at our fingertips.  Communication with friends and family that live across the country or across the globe is instantaneous with the push of a button.   Medical needs are met faster than ever and there’s never been a better time for scientific research.  Cars even park for us – how cool is that!

Sure. Sure.  Technology has it’s evils.  We allow it to take over our lives quite often and there are times when we need to unplug and emoticon-on-laptopget back to the basics.  On days like today, however, when my child is sick and I need to be at home with him but still need to be able to do my job, technology becomes my reason to SMILE.

What do you think?  Is technology essential to your everyday life?  Or is it a necessary evil?  What is the one piece of technology that you cannot live without?


Image by symbols-n-emoticons.com


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