A Year of Smiles – Day 48

smiley-emoticon-laughing-out-loudReason to SMILE #48: A GOOD JOKE

I think I know only one good joke.  It was told to me by a college buddy way back when and I’ve never forgotten it.  It was so funny to me that I shared it with my then 5 (or 6) year old niece on our family’s annual vacation.  She loved it so much that she made me tell it to her every summer after that.  Wanna hear it?

Now, you have to read this as if it is being told with a Spanish accent.  Think Speedy Gonzoles from the Looney Tunes.  Got the accent in your mind?  Okay.  Here goes.

Have you ever heard of the famous Mexican gunfighter, Poncho Villa?  Well, I know him.  “How?” you ask.  Let me tell you.

One day, I was riding along on my horse and Poncho Villa, he came up to me, put a gun to my head and you know what he say to me?

He say, “Peeek yourrrrr nose.”  (Just trying to give you the full effect there!)

What could I do?  He had the gun.  So, I peeeked my nose.

Then, you know what he say to me?

He say, “Eat it.”

What could I do? He had the gun.  So, I ate it.

Then something distracted Poncho Villa and I grabbed the gun from his hand, put it up to his head and you know what I say to him?  (Imagine the storyteller, with a huge smile on his face, nodding and moving his eyebrows up and down.)  

I say, “Peeek yourrrrr nose.”

What could he do?  I had the gun.  So, he peeeked his nose.

Then, you know what I say to him?

I say, “Eat it.”

What could he do? I had the gun.  So, he ate it.

You ask me how I know the famous Mexican gunfighter, Poncho Villa.  Well…

We did lunch!

Okay.  Okay.  Some jokes are better to hear and not read and some are geared more toward a younger audience, like college kids and 6 year olds.  But this joke always made me SMILE and when I think about telling it to my niece, my SMILE gets even bigger.  The first time I ever told it to her, I actually forgot Poncho Villa’s name so I substituted the name Juan Valdez.  Yes, I used the coffee guy’s name.  But it was still funny and my niece asked me to tell it over and over again!  The funniest part about telling the joke to my niece, though, was her reaction each time I’d ask the question, “And you know what he say to me?”.  It never failed.  While laughing almost uncontrollably, she’d say, “No!  What?”  My whole family still gets a SMILE out of that!

There’s nothing like a good joke to make you SMILE.  So, go find a good, clean joke and spread some SMILES today!


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