A Year of Smiles – Day 51


It’s Monday, again.  They just keep on appearing, don’t they?  I am still looking for my opportunity to make a difference today but to be completely transparent, I’m having a hard time looking beyond myself.  I’ll get to that in just a moment.

Last Monday, I found a lawn maintenance guy working diligently to clean the leaves and debris along a yard’s street line.  As I passed, I decided that I would bring him a big ol’ glass of sweet tea when I returned that direction (it’s whatcha do in the South!) and if he was no longer there, I would give the tea to someone else.  To my delight, he was still where I found him when I returned so I stopped beside him, rolled down my window and offered him the glass of tea.  I’m not sure that it made a difference in his day.  By the look on his face, he seemed more confused than anything.  Still, I SMILED.  He SMILED.  He thanked me and everyone was happy – I think.

Today, I’ve been looking for the opportunity to share a SMILE and so far, I’ve got nothin’!  I’m pretty sure it’s my mood keeping me from seeing the need for smiles because I know they are all around me.  You see, I’m dealing with disappointing news that came yesterday and struggling with how to handle it.  I’m finding it hard to focus on anything else although I have been praying all day.  So, I headed to my favorite coffee shop for a mood booster – an iced caramel, mocha latte.

I love coffee drinks (See Day 21), especially when they’re topped with whipped cream.  The problem is I still haven’t figured out which drinks come with whipped topping and which don’t.  Maybe I should just ask for whipped cream on everything!   Today, I suppose, I ordered the right drink because after I ordered it, I heard those glorious words, “Would you like whipped cream on that?”  Um, yes, please!slurping-smiley

So, as I await my opportunity to make a difference on this Monday, I am enjoying my iced latte topped with whipped cream (and eating a sandwich covered in bacon, I might add! 😉 ) and I am SMILING.  I will not be deterred from my make a difference challenge today.  I am now armed with a yummy whipped cream topped drink and a SMILE.  Time to start spreading the cheer!


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