A Year of Smiles – Day 53

tongue-out-smiley-facebook-stickerReason to SMILE #53: CAMELS (Watch out!  They spit!)

It’s Wednesday.  My SMILE for today is camels.  Do you know where I’m going with this?

Yes!  It’s Hump Day!!  Don’t you just love those commercials?  Okay, me neither.  But I do love Wednesdays.  It may even be my favorite day of the week.  Most people are just happy because the arrival of Wednesday means there’s only one more day before Friday.  The week is almost over and the weekend will soon begin.  Woo hoo!

For me, however, Wednesday means mid-week kids’ activities at church.  It’s the one night when I have the most fun.  We sing.  We dance.  We play games.  We make crafts.  We have theme nights like “Glow Night” and “Dress Like a Pirate Night” (This night is almost here!  I can’t wait!!).  We build relationships.  We discover how to get along with each other.  We learn life lessons.  We learn to love God and follow Him.  Yep, Wednesdays are pretty awesome as far as I’m concerned.

What about you?  Are you dragging through the middle of this week?  Keep your chin up.  You’ve almost made it over the hump.  Oh, and if you hear a bunch of hoopin’ and hollerin’, don’t worry.  There’s no camel coming your way.  It’s just me and the kids SMILING through Hump Day!



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