A Year of Smiles – Day 55


The mail – ugh!


Another Bill………Trashemoticon-holding-an-envelope-2



(Wait.  I think I mixed those up.  Or did I?  😉 )

Sale paper……..Trash

Political propaganda………..Fire

Oh, look!  An invitation!  Whoopee!!!

Receiving an invitation is awesome.  These days, invitations don’t always come in the mail, though. We’re often invited to events through social media, texts and emails.  But no matter the method of delivery, an invitation is something special.

What’s so special about invitations?  When you receive an invitation, it means that someone has thoughtfully chosen YOU to share in a part of their world.  There is something special, fun or life-changing about to happen in this person’s life and they cannot imagine it happening without you.  Awwwwww.  You want ME to be at your puppy’s first haircut?

Anyway.  I received an invitation today to a painting party and it made me SMILE.  The invitor (wordpress is telling me that is not a word!) considered my love of crafts and thought I would enjoy this particular event.  Someone thought of me and that is an amazing feeling!

So, what are you doing this weekend?  Why don’t you invite a few friends to join you?  You might just make someone’s day.  I guarantee you’ll make someone SMILE!


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