A Year of Smiles – Day 63

emoticon-and-chocolate-barReason to SMILE #63: CHOCOLATE

READER ADVISORY: This post contains explicit opinions of an unbridled passion which may not be suitable for all audiences.  Read at your own discretion. 😉

Who doesn’t like chocolate????  For all of us chocolate lovers out there, this is the perfect response to the one who dares to turn up his nose at the most delectable treat on the planet.  How dare anyone refuse to concede that the velvety goodness of chocolate is unmatched by anything else!

Okay. Okay.  So I like chocolate a little bit.  And it is difficult for me to believe that there are people who don’t like it.  I actually do have a friend who doesn’t care for chocolate and I try my best not to hold it against her.  After all, that is her only negative quality!  (I’m kidding.  She is awesome!)

Then, there are those who are allergic to chocolate.  We have a couple of those kids at church.  They always remind me, “I can’t have that.”  I always respond with a consoling hug and a compassionate “I’m so sorry!”  Poor things.  They know what they’re missing (How else would they know they’re allergic?) but must say “no” to the yummy goodness.

For the rest of us, chocolate is most definitely a reason to SMILE.  It satisfies the sweet tooth.  It calms the stress filled day.  It soothes the broken heart and even stir the embers of love.  It’s pretty powerful stuff.  Now that I think about it, chocolate just might needs it’s own warning label!

Chocolate: May cause uncontrollable SMILING.  Eat at your own risk.


Image by symbols-n-emoticons.com


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