A Year of Smiles – Day 64

Reason to SMILE #64: ANSWERS

My husband and I were outside trying to remove a stain from a living room chair.  It was my favorite chair but in hind sight, I realize that it was not a good choice for our household.  The upholstery was sage and white.  We had two boys.  Yep, definitely not a good choice.

In an attempt to clean the chair ourselves, we hauled it outside and began to scrub the stubborn stain.  Ultimately, the stain wore down both my husband and myself and we knew we had been defeated.  Conceding the match, my husband stepped back from the victorious armchair and said, “Well, it’s ruined.  It’s just ruined – ruined!”

My older son, who was seven years old at the time, was playing in the yard just a few feet away from us.  Upon hearing his dad’s woeful admittance, he asked, “Why do you keep repeating yourself?”

“What?” his dad retorted. “You repeat yourself all the time.  You’re always asking us the same questions over and over again.”

“That’s because,” my son quickly responded, “I want answers!”

academic-emoticon-with-bookAlmost twelve years later, my son is still asking questions and seeking answers, even when it comes to his faith.  He has a thirst to know more than the “Sunday School answers”.  He wants to know what, why and how.  He is constantly challenging me with his questions and causing me to dig deeper into my faith and into God’s Word.  At least he’s no longer asking the same question over and over again like he did when he was seven!

Discouragement often follows his questioning, though.  Sometimes, I can’t give him the answers he is seeking (imagine that!).  Sometimes, the answers just aren’t there.  That’s where faith steps in.  When all the why’s, the how’s and the what’s are not answered, we must simply have faith that God’s Word is true, that He is faithful and that He keeps His promises.  One day, we’ll get all of our answers.  Until then, we’ll keep asking questions and seeking answers.  And we’ll SMILE knowing that in seeking, we are growing closer and closer to the One who gave us the thirst for answers in the first place.


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