A Year of Smiles – Day 74

pirate_smiley_with_a_hook_hand_and_eye_patchReason to SMILE #74:DRESSING LIKE A PIRATE

How to become a pirate (or at least look like one):

Step 1: Watch the Pirates of the Caribbean movies for costume ideas.  After all, there is no greater source.

Step 2: Remember that your budget is not nearly as large as Disney’s budget.

Step 3: Search DIY costume ideas on Pinterest.

Step 4:  Remind yourself that you only have one day to pull the costume together.

Step 5: Grab a white t-shirt and a pair of black capris from your drawer.

Step 6: Two hours before the costume is needed, hit the local costume store for striped socks and clip-on hoop earrings.

(Step 6a: Vow to never wear clip-on earrings again!)

Step 7: Raid the church costume room for a red sash and head scarf.

Step 8: Don your pirate ensemble just minutes before your event begins.

Step 9: Strut your Pirate stuff like you’ve been putting this costume together for weeks!

You have now transformed yourself into a Pirate worthy of the Pirate name…. Okay.  Okay.  It’s not all that but at least you look good enough for a kids’ theme night at church.  You certainly look good enough to produce a few SMILES.  And that’s all that matters!


Image by symbols-n-emoticons.com




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