A Year of Smiles – Day 77

Reason to SMILE #77: BON FIRES

The temperature was dropping fast.  The weather report predicted lows in the 20’s (which is ridiculously cold for southwest Georgia!) and my older son decided he wanted to camp out in the back yard.  “Sure, go freeze your hiney off!” was my sarcastic response.  Little did I know he had actually convinced his dad and his friend to camp out with him. Hypothermia loves company, I suppose.

They set up their tent and then built a fire to help them stay warm.  Of course, they roasted marshmallows and of course, my younger son saw all the “fun” and decided he wanted to roast marshmallows, too.  “What the heck!” I thought.  So I sent him out in the cold with his crazy brother and father!  I am an awesome mom, aren’t I?

About 45 minutes later, my younger son came storming into the house.  I asked him what was wrong and he proceeded to complain that his brother was “being a beanhead.” (I have no idea where he got that from.  It’s not like I would ever call my children such names. Wink. Wink.)  I’m sure it was a silly disagreement between brothers but I just agreed with him that yes, big brother was probably being a beanhead.

Trying to get his mind off his frustrations, I asked my younger son about roasting marshmallows.  He excitedly told me about some of the marshmallows catching on fire and I explained that those were the best kind to eat.

“Did you eat any of the marshmallows?” I asked.big-happy-emoji

“I ate one,” he replied, “but nature got in my mouth and I had to spit it out.”

I love that kid!

This happened several years ago but whenever I see a bon fire, I always think about the night my kid got nature in his mouth.  It’s a guaranteed SMILE every time!


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