A Year of Smiles – Day 82

Reason to SMILE #82: PUPPIES

Ode to Puppies

(In honor of National Puppy Day)


Oh! How I wish that I

Could go back once again

To see their sweet faces,

To run and play with them.


My memories are filled

With cuddly little pups

That brought joy and laughter

As I was growing up.


The first that I remember

Was a German Shepherd.

Mitzy loved to knock me down

And hold me as her pris’ner.


Then there was ol’ Chico,

A Chihuahua was he.

Doughnuts were his fav’rite food –

When they belonged to me!


Romeo was next in line.

This little Lhaso Apso

Ate all my Easter candy

And left my basket hollow.


It seems I’m not so fond of

Those furry little brats.

Maybe that’s why for my kids,

I only get them cats!


Image by smiley.com




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