A Year of Smiles – Day 84

Hungry-Smiley-With-Fork-And-KnifeReason to SMILE #84: FINDING A RESTAURANT EVERYONE LIKES

For any mom with more than one child, the struggle to find a restaurant that makes everyone in the family happy is very real.  It’s easy when the kids are little.  At age 4 or 5, the restaurant is chosen by the toy in the kid’s meal. It’s when the kids get older and the toys no longer matter that the problem begins.

It goes without saying that moms and dads are almost always willing to give up their personal preferences and yield to the wishes of their kids.  Some desires are worth giving up if it means dinner will be peaceful and pleasant.  Oh, but when your kids can’t even agree on a pizza place, someone has to make a decision.  And that usually means someone in the family will be going hungry!

Sometimes, however, the planets align or the wind blows just right or the cards fall in the perfect order or something miraculous happens that causes my kids to actually agree on a restaurant.  It’s these rare moments in a parent’s life that have to be seized and enjoyed to the fullest.  These SMILES are few and far between!  Or….

….you could just skip the restaurants altogether and eat at home.  Nah!  That would mean I’d have to cook.  We all know that’s even more rare than the kids agreeing on where to eat! 😉


Image by symbols-n-emoticons.com


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