A Year of Smiles – Day 91

Reason to SMILE #91: APRIL FOOLS 

Top 3 bamboozles of my past:

1.  Convincing my little sister that the taxidermy on the wall at a Po Boy’s restaurant was actually live animals trained to appear stuffed and mounted on the wall –

  • It helped that the kitchen was behind the wall: “You see their heads but their bodies are on the other side of the wall.” Bump! “Did you hear that noise? The animal just moved.”
  • Dad playing along with the ruse boosted the credibility of my story: “Dad, is that true?” she asked. “Well, I hear something moving behind that wall,” he replied.

2.  Convincing a naive teenage girl that the top of a building in downtown Atlanta was constructed entirely of popsicle sticks –

  • I was the trusted chaperone on a youth trip. Why would anything I say be a farce?
  • Using believable details was the key: “The architect’s name was so and so (insert made-up name here) and he used this many (insert astronomical number here) sticks to build it.”

3.  Convincing my college roommate that astronomers discovered a new constellation in the shape of a cowboy hat –

  • It helped that I’d never tried to fool her before.
  • I knew I had her at cowboy hat – she was a cowgirl at heart.
  • I was thankful she’d never seen the Arby’s commercial on TV at that time: Cowboy looks to the sky and sees the stars form an Arby’s sign. “I’m thinking Arby’s!”

When you’re known as the straight-laced, goody-goody minister’s daughter, it’s easy to pull off a good hoax or two. The hardest part, though, is holding in the SMILES til you’re ready to let your victims off the hook.  Now that takes skill!

I hope your April Fools’ Day has been filled with SMILES!

Image by symbols-n-emoticons.com


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