A Year of Smiles – Day 101

teacher-emoticonWelcome to SMILES 101!

Course Description

This online course is a general study of the phenomenon of the SMILE and the emotional, spiritual, psychological and physical effects the SMILE has on the world around us.

Learning Objectives

  1. Cultivate the skill of finding Smiles in everyday life
  2. Appreciate the smallest of Smiles and recognize their significance/impact
  3. Develop a sense of humor to sustain you through all of life’s seasons
  4. Discover the “silver linings” in the clouds
  5. Foster a lifestyle of sharing Smiles with those around you through your words and actions

Required Texts and Materials

  1. The Bible (If you don’t have one, there’s an App for that!)
  2. A Couple of Stars and a Happy Face (this blog!)
  3. An open mind
  4. Your SMILE

Student Responsibilities

  1. Attendance – Visit A Couple of Stars and a Happy Face daily.  This is vital to your understanding of the power of a SMILE and for that reason, you will only be excused for 5 missed readings of the daily posts. 😉
  2. Active Participation – Developing a lifestyle of spreading SMILES takes practice.  Each day, you must actively and consciously choose to find a SMILE and then share a SMILE.

Instructor Responsibilities

  1. Shine the light and love of Jesus through every word written and shared
  2. Provide encouragement as often as possible
  3. Be open to comments and criticisms of others
  4. Share a new SMILE every day like Reason to SMILE #101: CREATIVITY!

Creativity is a whole lotta fun and it sure can produce a heap of SMILE!


Image by symbols-n-emoticons.com







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