A Year of Smiles – Day 102


Ah, the thrill of the hunt!  There’s nothing more exhilarating smiley-face-watching-you-with-binocularsthan running like a mad person from place to place, searching for items on a ridiculously-compiled list and begging perfect strangers for a cup of sugar or packet of soy sauce, all while racing to be the first person or team to collect the coveted items and finish the scavenger hunt.  It’s organized chaos at it’s finest.

Reminds me a little of life sometimes, except in life, there’s not always a clearly defined list of “stuff” we need to acquire to become a success.  Heck!  Many times, there aren’t even witty clues to help us find our way.  Wouldn’t it be something if every time we needed direction in life, all we had to do was check a list?  Think about it.  You find yourself contemplating whether to purchase a new car or to hold on to your money and save it in case of emergency.  You don’t know which way to go so you decide to pull out Life’s Helpful Clues for the Perplexed Soul.   You drag your finger down the list as you search for a clue on investing money.   You find the following: A penny saved is a penny earned but to earn the pennies you long to save, you must have THIS first.  Bam!  You now know that you need a trustworthy vehicle to get to work everyday so you can earn money to invest later.  Answer found and direction in life given.

You know, I’m glad life doesn’t work that way.  It’s the difficult decisions and situations of life that help us grow and transform into better human beings.  We’re never without help, though.  We have God’s Word and His Spirit to guide us.  But if you still find yourself running around like a mad person from time-to-time trying to figure life out, don’t get discouraged.  It isn’t all that bad.  Your “hunting” can lead you to new places and introduce you to new people which, in turn, leads to bright new SMILES.

Happy Hunting!


Image by symbols-n-emoticons.com


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