A Year of Smiles – Day 106


The story goes that a children’s department at a little church was fist-up-emoticonputting on an Easter play.  There were many children jumping at the chance to play the roles of Jesus and the disciples.  One little boy, however, had his heart set on being the angel at the empty tomb.  The Director wasn’t too sure about giving him the part, though. This little boy couldn’t sit still very long and was inclined to stirring up trouble.  He had never shown any interest in taking part in a church play before and the director did not want to discourage his enthusiasm.  So, despite her better judgment, she assigned the role of the angel to the eager little boy.

The role of angel had only one line but, as you know, this one line is vital to the Easter story.  When the women arrived at the tomb where Jesus had been buried, they were greeted by the angel which says, “He is not here! He is risen!” The little boy did not want to mess this up so he practiced every night before bed with his mother.  “He is not here! He is risen!” he’d tell her as she tucked him snugly into bed.  His mom would smile and tell him that he was going to be the best angel the church had ever seen.

Finally, the day of the Easter play arrived.  Everything was going smoothly.  The children were singing beautifully; they were standing on all the right marks and they were remembering all of their lines.  When it was time for the little boy’s scene, he excitedly moved into place.  The lights were cued and the girls playing the roles of the women traveling to the tomb to anoint Jesus’ body walked up to the empty tomb on stage.  A spot light suddenly shown brightly on the angel which was the little boy’s cue to say his line.  There was nothing but silence.

A whisper from off the stage was heard feeding the little boy his line while the girls standing beside him were nodding their heads his way.  The little boy said nothing.  His mom who was seated on the front pew cleared her throat trying to get the boy’s attention to encourage him to say his line.  The little boy stood like a statue staring into the crowd.   The other children began to giggle and soon chuckles were heard all over the sanctuary.  What was the director going to do?

The director, recognizing the boy’s stage fright, knew he had forgotten his line.  She also knew that if the line was going to be said, she would have to say it.  But just as she was about to speak the first word, she saw the little boy’s eyes light up with excitement as if a switch had been flipped.  The director sighed in relief and sat back in her seat to allow the little boy to speak.

With a grin on his face and a twinkle in his eye, the little boy turned to the girls standing beside the tomb and said, “He ain’t here.  He done lef’ out!”  And the congregation stood and cheered.¹

No matter how you say it, folks, the truth is just the same.  We serve a risen Savior today and that’s all the reason we need to SMILE.  Jesus is ALIVE!


Image by symbols-n-emoticons.com

¹I do not know the origin of the above joke/story.  I have taken a few liberties and embellished it some for this post. 


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