A Year of Smiles – Day 113

stop-sign-smiley-for-facebookReason to SMILE #113: A NEW DIRECTION

Life isn’t easy.  Navigating it takes great skill, superior wits and a whole lot of prayer.  Life is filled with many paths that lead to various destinations.  Some paths lead to joy, love and happiness.  Some lead to despair, sorrow and ruin.  Choosing our path in life requires careful consideration for the wrong choice can have grave consequences.

Sometimes, our choice of path finds us headed one direction thinking we’re on the right track.  Quickly, though, we begin to see warning signs along the way that the path we’ve taken was not the one for us.  When this happens, we simply adjust our course in order to return to a place of safety and retreat.

Then, there are times when our journey finds us traveling in the wrong direction without our realization.  We are enticed by our destination and we look ahead thinking all is well.  We find our path to be easy.  There are no hurdles along the way.  Our steps are flawless and unhindered.  In actuality, however, the closer we get to the destination, the further we are from where we need to be.

Still there are times, when the path we’ve chosen finds us following the leadership of our faithful Shepherd.  We know the path ahead is meant for us.  We know only He could have brought us to this road in life.  Looking down the road, we see curves, hills and even a few potholes, but we choose to follow the path still.  For we know that if God is leading, we won’t have to walk the path alone.

What path are you on today?  Have you made a wrong turn in this life?  Are you headed toward something that promised you SMILES but has only brought you pain and sorrow?  Are you walking a road that is leading you far from where God intended you to be?

It’s never too late to head in a new direction.  Quit walking away from God and turn around and run back to Him.  He won’t ask you where you’ve been.  He already knows but He’ll never mention it.  He loves you.  He is waiting for you with open arms ready to greet you with a big ol’ hug and a SMILE like you’ve never before seen.


Image by symbols-n-emoticons.com.


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