A Year of Smiles – Day 117


“Will you turn on my fan?” My husband asked.

We were both lying comfortably in bed. His fan is on his side.

“You’re closer,” I answered.

“That’s your opinion,” he replied.

“No,” I responded, “that’s a fact.”

Groaning to himself, my husband gets up to turn on his fan and then climbed back into bed. 

My husband looked at me and asked, “Will you turn off your light?”

I SMILED and answered, “You can turn it off.”  After all, in his opinion, he was closer!  I could feel his evil glare as I was giggling to myself and relishing the moment.

I love that my hubby and I can play and joke with each other.  Do you have someone you can rib on a regular basis?  A spouse?  A relative?  A friend?  A little friendly banter makes life much more fun and it will always keep you in SMILES!

Image by symbols-n-emoticons.com


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