A Year of Smiles – Day 119


I fondly remember trips to my grandparents’ house as a child.  My Nana was a little lady that stood only 5 feet tall, if that, but she was not a woman to be trifled with. She’d give you a piece of her mind without hesitation and had no qualms about wearing out a switch on your rear end if it was needed. She was large and in charge and she loved her family.  We all knew it.

I only remember my Granddaddy after he had suffered a stroke. He used a cane or walker to get around and spent most of his time in his recliner watching game shows. He never called me by the correct name. He called me “Carolyn.” It was close and I never corrected him. I just hugged him and told him that I loved him.

What I remember with great clarity about my Grandaddy, though, is his love of Dagwood sandwiches. On Saturday evenings, my Nana set out a spread of all kinds of sandwich fixin’s – bread, different meats and cheeses, several types of pickles, tomatoes, lettuce, PB&J, and whatever else was in her fridge.  Everyone around the table had plenty of choices and no reason to get up from the table hungry.

Now, I always loved to watch my Granddaddy make his sandwich. He’d start with bread, spread on some peanut butter, add a slice of bologna, maybe some corned beef, a leaf or two of lettuce, a few pickles and he’d ultimately end up with a little bit of everything on the table in his sandwich. It was actually pretty gross but I was so mesmerized by his sandwich making that I couldn’t look away!

My Granddaddy and Nana are no longer with us. They’re sitting at the feet of Jesus waiting for the time when the rest of us can join them. While they’re waiting, I know my Nana is playing the piano and singing praises as she did when she was alive. She’s also most likely telling the rest of the heavenly choir how to do things right! 

And my Granddaddy?  Well, he’s healed and whole, able to walk without assistance and able to call the names of each of his children and grandchildren.  And I’m positive when all of heaven sits down at the dinner table, even God SMILES as my Granddaddy makes his beloved Dagwood sandwiches!

Image by symbols-n-emoticons.com


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