A Year of Smiles – Day 120

Reason to SMILE #120: FRECKLES

Hello. My name is Karen and I have freckles.

There. I said it.

What a stigma that has been heaped on freckles – at least in a child’s eyes. There’s nothing like being the only freckle-faced, fair-skinned, red head in your class or in your group of friends.  As youngsters, we just want to fit in and be like everyone else.  Freckles are not what we want to see when we look in the mirror.

Maturity and physical growth can make a huge difference when it comes to freckles.  The bridge of freckles that once spanned my nose has faded over the years (along with the red of my hair) and the characteristics that once were a mark of embarrassment are now a mark of distinction.

I still have freckles. Some are on my arms. A few are on my legs.  Two are on the back of my hand sitting about an inch apart just to the left of the base of my thumb.  The cool thing about these two freckles is my son has two freckles on his left hand in almost the exact spots as mine. I love that and it makes me SMILE! It’s one of the many things that signifies he is, indeed, my child.

I wonder…

Do I have any distinguishing marks that signify I am a child of God?  When others look at me, do they see someone who walks and talks like everyone else?  Or do they see a person whose character, language and actions reflect the nature of the Heavenly Father?  When God looks at my life, what does He see? What does He say?

It is my desire that as I follow His lead, God will be able to look at me and say with a SMILE, “Oh, yes. See those marks right there? See that love, that joy, that kindness and faithfulness? Yes, she’s definitely mine!”

Image by symbols-n-emoticons.com


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