A Year of Smiles – Day 123

Reason to SMILE #123: BOARD GAMESfirst-place-emoticon

I come from a family of eight – six children and two parents.  All of us kids are grown, married and have kids of our own.  (None of us have six kids, though.  I can’t imagine why? 😉 )  We’re now a family of 24, including spouses and grandchildren.

I’m sure you can imagine that gathering together on holidays is quite an ordeal.  We’re all spread across the country.  And even if we could all make travel arrangements, who has a house big enough?  When we all are able to get together, though, being a little cramped doesn’t bother us.  Seriously, my siblings and I are used to it.  My parents used to squeeze us all into a little, bitty Ford Fiesta – I’m talkin’ the original 1970s model.  (Long before the mandatory use of seat belts!)

Though logistics have often kept us apart, holidays and family gatherings when we all can attend are a blast!  There’s always a lot of catching up to do, lots of reminiscing, lots of good ol’ ribbing and lots of food.  No matter the event, though, we almost always end up playing some sort of board game.  I love it!

Now, normally board games are a fun and relaxing way to spend time with family or friends.  There’s nothing relaxing about playing games with my family!  We are some of the most competitive people I know.  None of us like to lose – none of us.  Picking teams is always a problem, too.  Certain of us cannot be teamed together because it would be “unfair” to everyone else.  Waah! Waah!  Why do you think my oldest brother and I want to be on a team together??

Regardless of the final team picks or even the choice of game, family gatherings always bring me SMILES!  After all, it’s not what we’re playing or who ends up winning, it’s the fact that we’re all together that matters.

Strike that.  Walking away from a family game with a win – that’s a SMILE you can hold over your siblings’ heads for years!  😉


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