A Year of Smiles – Day 125

Reason to SMILE #125: KLEENEX®

There I was standing in the choir loft in the middle of Sunday sick-smiley-blowing-his-noseevening service fighting back tears.  “Not now,” I told myself.  “Just keep it together a little while longer.”  It was almost time for my solo and there was no way I was going to let myself cry.  My pep talk did absolutely no good, however, and as the Spirit moved boldly through our church service, my tears began to flow…

…and so did the dripping from my nose!

I looked around for tissues.  Why were there no tissues in the church choir loft?  I sniffed and brushed my tears with my hand.  The waterworks were flowing almost uncontrollably at that point.  I sniffed, again.  “What am I going to do?” I frantically thought.”  I sniffed, again.  “This is just gross.  I must do something.  I have to sing and my song is next!”  So, in the middle of a corporate song of worship, as everyone was watching the screen above the choir (at least I hoped), I took the only measure available to me at the time.  I turned around, faced the wall behind me and wiped my nose with my sleeve.

As disgusting as that sounds, it would have been unnoticed had I not been on the front row of the choir with the Pastor standing right behind me.  I’m sure it was not a pleasant sight for him to see his Children’s Minister wiping her snotty nose on her shirt sleeve.  But I do work with kids so… 😉

Despite my battle to curb the raging flow of mucus, I was actually able to sing without sniffing through the entire song.  But looking back, I’m not sure if my snotty nose would have mattered.  God’s presence was felt in our church that evening and I know I was not the only one moved.

Who knows.  I may not have even been the only one who used her shirt sleeve as a hanky, either…

…Just let me tell myself that, please.  It’s the only way I can SMILE about this whole ordeal! 😉

By the way, there are now Kleenex in the church choir loft.


Image by symbols-n-emoticons.com



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