A Year of Smiles – Day 127


There are many things in life that we ought to say more often:

Will you forgive me?

I was wrong.

I appreciate you.

Thank you.

Yet these simple phrases are those we have difficulty expressing.  We choke and sputter when sincerity begins to emerge; so, instead, we spout our platitudes:

Oops! My bad!


Love ya!

— such careless utterances to pacify the nagging of our spirits.


Some would argue, however, that silly declarations of emotion do not make a difference; actions are much louder.  But even Jesus knew the importance of words for He coupled miracles with expressions of assurance, forgiveness with affirmations of love and grace and blessings with words of encouragement and hope.  Oh, our Lord could have healed with touch alone.  He could have forgiven with simply a thought.  He could have blessed with only a SMILE.  But He chose to speak to a world that needed to hear His life sustaining words.

Life requires words like “I’m sorry”, “I need you” and “Thank you.”  We all need to hear “I love you”, “You’re not alone” and “Your life counts”.  The disturbance of our spirits demands relief only expression of genuine feelings can bring.

May we follow the Lord’s example by joining our actions with our words and may we always find SMILES in saying the things we ought to say.


Images by symbols-n-emoticons.com


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