A Year of Smiles – Day 140


My older son was shopping in preparation for his summer internship as a youth minister’s assistant. His new position requires a different type of wardrobe than his usual gym shorts and “T”s.  As he was shopping, my son texted me to let me know what bargains he’d found and to ask my opinion on certain items. One of those items was this:

Here is our conversation about this “interesting” piece of clothing:

Apparently, I do not know what is cool anymore. Fortunately, the store did not have his size in that lovely T-shirt. However, they did have his size in the button up shirt.

So, Monday morning, my firstborn will be strutting through the doors of First Baptist Church sporting this watermelon shirt

and a pair of watermelon-colored dress shorts to match.

That’s my boy! And I wouldn’t want him to be any different. He makes my heart SMILE! And I know God is going to use him to bring SMILES to everyone he meets this summer – especially if he’s wearing that watermelon shirt!

Image by http://www.emofaces.com.


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