A Year of Smiles – Day 142


My heart was set on an “Everything” bagel with strawberry cream cheese and my taste buds were primed and ready.  I drove up to the drive thru speaker.

“How can I help you?” asked the voice on the other side of the speaker.

“Do you have any “Everything” bagels today?” I inquired.  It was lunch time and they may have run out at breakfast.

“One large sweet tea,” the voice responded.  “Is that all?”

“No, not tea.  I wanted to know what bagels you have.”

“OK. That was raspberry tea.”

“No.  I want a bagel.”

“Let’s try this one more time,” the voice finally said.  “If I can’t understand you this time, I’ll ask you to drive around to the window.”

“How ’bout I come on up to the window?” I suggested while thinking this drive-thru guy must somehow be related to Siri, my similarly comprehension-challenged iPhone assistant.  (Then, again, maybe I’m the problem… Surely Not! 😉 )

I pulled up to the window.  The employee and I had a decent conversation with SMILES and everything.  He apologized for not being able to hear me at the speaker.  I ordered the “Everything” bagel but unfortunately, they were out.  I settled for a whole grain bagel (probably better for me) with strawberry cream cheese (probably not good for me at all). I paid.  I received my order and I drove away.

When I returned to work, I opened the bag and pulled out my bagel.  I had already resigned myself to the fact that I was not going to be enjoying an “Everything” bagel for lunch but I was consoled by knowing the bagel I ordered was smothered in yummy strawberry cream cheese.  I opened the food wrapper to discover a plain bagel covered with plain cream cheese.  SIGH!  Apparently, I’m having communication problems!

I did not have time to return to the restaurant so my taste buds had to deal with disappointment.  The problem was the disappointment began to infected my attitude. For a while after lunch, nothing made me happy.  In fact, everything made me cranky. People aggravated me and simple tasks irritated me.  It was not a good afternoon.

I don’t know what it was that pulled me out of my awful mood. I think I just eventually realized how silly I was acting.  So I didn’t get the bagel I wanted.  I didn’t even get my second choice but I did get to eat.  That’s more than some people can say.  And if the only disappointment I experienced today was finding a plain bagel with plain cream cheese in my drive thru order, then I’m doing pretty good.  In fact, I am blessed.

We don’t always get the SMILES we want in life.  So when life serves you a plain bagel with plain cream cheese, remember to be thankful.  Thankfulness keeps your heart happy and a happy heart shows all over your face!


Image by symbols-n-emoticons.com


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