A Year of Smiles – Day 143

Reason to SMILE #143: A CAREFREE KID

The thunderstorms were roaring. The tornado warning sirens were wailing. Students were scrambling to duck under their desks. The kids, as you can imagine, were most likely worried. After all, the weather has not been kind to our little corner of the world with two devastating tornadoes wreaking havoc on our area at the beginning of 2017. Most of us are a bit on edge, to say the least, when storms begin to brew.

Then, there’s my kid.

My kid crawls under his desk and happily sits drawing in his journal without a single worry.

Security - Alex

Meanwhile, I’m sitting at my desk almost 15 miles away imagining my child crouched under his desk, scared silly and wondering if the worst is about to take place.

I love my middle schooler. He doesn’t have a care in the world. Nothing seems to bother him. He has a happy-go-lucky attitude most of the time and seems oblivious to the things that go on around him. I often wonder if it’s unhealthy for him to be this way but most times, I just let him be. Let him save his worrying for when he becomes a parent.

Right now, he can just keep on SMILING!


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