A Year of Smiles – Day 148

Reason to SMILE #148: ELVISelvis-presley-157007_960_720

The music echoed through the room drowning the voices of the tired Children’s Choir.  The usual spunk of these kids was overpowered by their timidity to learn a new song.  When the music ended, I made a few unsuccessful attempts to spark a little interest in the group.  Finally, I asked, “What does it mean when we sing ‘God is awesome’?”

“He’s great.”

“He’s big.”

“He’s a good God.”

Most of the children responded quickly.  However, I noticed one little boy who seemed to be pondering the question with great intensity.  After a few moments of deep thought, his face lit up as he proudly announced, ” ‘God is awesome’ means that God is like Elvis Presley!”

The workings of a child’s mind are amazing at times. That God and Elvis Presley would be equal in comparison is appalling to some.  However, the image of Elvis Presley, “The King,” is all this child knew that would describe the awesomeness of God.  To him, God is greater than great and bigger than big.  To him, God is like Elvis Presley.

Our God is an awesome God.  To some this means He is the greatest of all beings.  To others, this describes His goodness.  And to other, His awesomeness is beyond description. With our imperfect images of God, we grasp at understanding who He is. We gain a small sense of understanding as we relate God to things or people that we know. We cling to these limited revelations of this temporary life as we await the full and glorious revelation of all eternity.

How awesome is your God?  Can he captivate you with His love songs (His Word)? Can He cause you to shout when you enter His presence?  Do you swoon with His touch?  Does the mention of His name bring a SMILE to your heart and soul?

Is God the King of your life today?




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