A Year of Smiles – Day 154

Reason to SMILE #154: HELPING HANDSshake-my-hand-smiley

My “to do” list today was at least five yards long. I awoke dreading what I knew would be an exhausting day. I pulled the covers over my head hoping to go back to sleep and wake up again to find the overwhelming list was all a dream…

It wasn’t.

Regardless of my reluctance, I began my day and my list. Fortunately, I did not have to tackle my list alone. Today I was surrounded by many helping hands who gave up a Saturday to ready our church for Vacation Bible School. Though the list seemed at times to grow rather than shorten and time seemed to flitter away rather than linger, those helping hands worked tirelessly until feet were pained, backs were aching and eyes were heavy.  I was blessed today by their commitment, faithfulness and willingness to serve. They made up for my lack of drive and excitement and at the end of the long and wearisome day, all of their hard work had paid off and the church was finally ready.

I thank God for sending those wonderful helping hands today. They brought a SMILE not only to my face but also to my soul – my very tired and worn out soul!

Image by symbols-n-emoticons.com


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