A Year of Smiles – Day 173

Reason to SMILE #173: NICKNAMES

I have this fear.  It overtakes me when I check my Facebook notifications and find that one of my college friends has commented on a post or tagged me in a picture.  Oh no! I wonder…  I almost cringe as I click to navigate to the post.  With hands covering my eyes, I peek through slightly spread fingers as the picture or comment appears.  Whew! She didn’t call me by my nickname this time! 

I had some of the best friends in college.  We had so Hello_my_name_is_sticker.svgmuch fun, shared lots of laughter, supported one another, gave nicknames to each other.  Wait.  Let me rephrase that.  They gave one to me!  From the first day I walked into my dorm, one of the first friends that I met decided I reminded her of a Precious Moments figure.  This prompted her to begin calling me “Pookie”.  And it spread!  By the time I graduated, the name had stuck.  I will forever be “Pookie” to my college buddies.  And yes, they still call me by that name today…on Facebook…where the whole world can see!

Oh, but I wouldn’t have it any other way!  I love to hear my college friends call me “Pookie”.  It reminds me that I am loved and it takes me back to some of the best days of my life.

I’ve had other nicknames through the years.  Some were good:

“Kari-poo” – given to me by my mom when I was very young,

“KJ” – given to me by my dad as I got older (My family and many friends still call me that today.) and

“Li’l Bit” – given to me by my youth director when I was a teenager.

Some of the nicknames I’ve been given were not so pleasant:

“Duck Walk” – given to me as a child by a bully on my bus (You can read that story here.) and

“Copy Lady” – given to me by an entitled little man who didn’t know my name but saw me by the copier and thought it would be funny (It only happened once… If looks could kill!)

The bad come with the good but that’s life, isn’t it?  Thankfully, my life has been filled with wonderfully good friends and family who have found something so special in me that they have to give it a name. And even if it embarrasses me a little, when I hear those special nicknames, I always SMILE.

How about you?  Do you have a nickname that makes you SMILE?  Don’t be embarrassed.  Hey, I’ve already shared mine so we can be embarrassed together!


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