A Year of Smiles – Day 183

RETROSPECT & PROSPECTemoticon-with-rose-colored-glasses

Today, July 2nd, marks the halfway point of 2017.  We have enjoyed (or made it through, depending on your perspective) 182 days thus far and we have 182 remaining before we say “Hello” to 2018.  I thought this would be the perfect day to take a look back at my SMILES, to find the good, pinpoint the bad and determine if my endeavor is worth continuing.

Let’s see…

What was the purpose of “A Year of Smiles?” It began as a challenge. Although this blog was born 6 years ago, I did not post regularly. I waited for inspiration to hit so I’d usually go months without posting. I didn’t put forth the effort to make this blog worthwhile. So this year, I decided that I was crazy to rob myself of doing something I loved and I challenged myself to write every day. Since I’ve always enjoyed helping others focus on the good things in life, counting their blessings, seeing the positives and finding the SMILES, I decided daily SMILES would allow me to meet that challenge.  And what a challenge it has been!

Has it been easy to find a SMILE every day?  Absolutely not.  As I look back on my SMILES, I can see the days that smiling was easy, when things were going “my way” and life was good.  I can also see the days when I was struggling to smile, when worries overwhelmed me and burdens were abundant.  I can see the days when I was tired, as well, and settled for less than my best, hoping it would pass muster.  (Thank you for overlooking those day!) No matter, I have pressed on.  But has it been worth it?

In 182 days, I have gained 20 followers, met many new friends, have been introduced to all sorts of interesting new topics to explore and have received 233 likes.  On top of that, my blog has been viewed almost 1400 times by people from all over the world – India, Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, Romania, Philippines, Ireland, Japan, France, south Africa and more.  My SMILES are spreading! Yay!

Though these stats may seem like nothing compared to other blogs, they are encouraging to me.  Each like and each comment (I’d love to see a whole lot more comments! I need to work on that somehow.) brings a SMILE to my face and a desire to continue on my journey of spreading joy.  (So if the likes stop from this point forward, I’ll know you’re tired of my foolishness! 😉 )  THANK YOU for reading and bringing SMILES my way!

Shall I continue? Do I press on and continue with the challenge?  It would be easy to close my tablet and allocate the time I spend writing on the many other duties in my life.  But who needs easy?  I really do love a challenge!  So, I think I’ll keep on truckin’ and maybe – just maybe – the next 182 SMILES will change the world! Or they may just change me and that will be okay, too!

What do you think?  Any suggestions on making the daily SMILES better?  Tired of the emoticons? Are my posts too simplistic?  Some get the impression that I’m writing for children.  Do I need to world on that?  I’d enjoy hearing from you.


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