A Year of Smiles – Day 184

Reason to SMILE #184: YUMMY SMELLS

Tomorrow, the United States celebrates its independence.  For many, this means a day at the lake, beach or pool with family and friends, fireworks and bar-b-que.  Mm-mm-mmm!  I can already smell those ribs smokin’ on the grill!  Can’t you?

There’s nothing like a good, yummy aroma wafting through the air.  And I’m not just talkin’ BBQ. How about freshly brewed coffee? What about a batch of cookies still baking in the oven? Or a roast warming in the crock pot? Then there’s apple pie cooling on the counter, fresh strawberries, fresh peaches. and peppers just picked from the garden. Oh, and don’t forget spaghetti sauce simmering on the stove, freshly baked garlic bread or any fresh bread for that matter.  (Are you hungry yet?) There are so many delicious smells to enjoy!

God has gifted us with the powerful sense of smell. I’d love to explain to you the physiology of the sense of smell – or it could be chemistry or neurology, I really don’t know.  I only know that smelling is truly amazing when you think about it.  Smells can jog memories.  Smells can create associations and paint pictures in our minds. Smells help us taste!  Smells can entice us.  They can also repulse us.  Only God could create us with such a spectacular ability and then provide us with the most scrumptious aromas to enjoy.

So, tomorrow, whether you’re celebrating a country’s freedom or simply living another day, take a minute to savor the wonderful aromas around you.  Sit back while the grill is sizzlin’ or the oven is baking, take a deep breath and SMILE!  Mmm-mmm!  Doesn’t life smell good!


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