A Year of Smiles – Day 186


Let’s get this out of the way right now – I AM NOT the Grammar Police.  I do notice errors as I am reading.  I do get fixated on these mistakes from time to time but I do not go around pointing out these blunders.  I make too many of my own!

That being said, there are times when grammar or other writing errors truly make my day.  It’s not that I’m happy that someone has made a mistake.  No, not at all.  It’s just that little boo-boos in writing can be very funny, especially when the error is poor word choice. (And yes, I’m including my own boo-boos, too.)  Take advertisements, for example.  I once saw a sign for a restaurant/gas station combo.  The sign read, “Eat here. Get gas.”  I laughed hysterically.  Of course, I understood the concept behind the sign.  One could fill up the gas tank and eat a meal in the same place.  But all I could think at the time was how awful the restaurant’s food must be if such a blatant warning had to be posted!

Tonight, I found another little error that made me SMILE.  I recently ordered a few little make-up bags.  When I ordered the bags, I only paid attention to the color scheme and price.  I did not realize that a label imprinted with a sweet sentiment was sewn to each bag.  It says, “What sunshine is to flowers, smiles are to humanity.” At least, this is what it should say.  It actually says, “What sunshine to is flowers, smiles to are humanity.” Hahaha!

I suppose I should send them back but I’m not.  I like the bags.  I love the sentiment – it’s about SMILES! And the printing mistake?  Well, not only does it make me SMILE, it makes me laugh!  Why would I want to return the bags? I now have a guaranteed SMILE (and laugh) every time I use my misprinted make-up bags.


6 thoughts on “A Year of Smiles – Day 186

  1. What a neat post. I agree that keeping the bags can be a way to make sure you smile each time you use them.
    I would notify the company, though, because they obviously haven’t seen it and may feel very embarrassed if someone less gracious bought some. Moreover, if they don’t get a chance to change them and sell a large order to someone who then wants them to refund the money, that could be a very hard thing on their company. I bet they’d really appreciate knowing about it.

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