A Year of Smiles – Day 205

Reason to SMILE #205: CONFIDENCE

I did it. I cut off all of my hair. I mean it’s buzz cut short. I literally have to do nothing to it everyday. It is awesome and I love it!

Well… right now I love it.

Earlier today, it was a different story. I looked in the mirror and actually freaked a little. I’ve never had a hairstyle this short. What was I thinking?

The breakdown didn’t last too long, though, and I was back to loving the new ‘do until… I began to notice the strange expressions on the faces of my friends and even strangers. Hmmm. Is it that bad? Do I need to be out shopping for hats?

I decided to let my hairdresser know the reactions I was receiving:

Yeah. Yeah. She’s my hairdresser. She has to say it’s awesome. But her last reply got me thinking. Why must my confidence be dependent on what others think or say of me? And if I’m so concerned with the opinions of others, can I even claim to have any confidence at all?

Confidence is not based on what we see or hear from others. Confidence comes from within. For what we tell ourselves rings louder than anything we hear elsewhere. So remember to be kind to yourself. If you like that shocking new hairdo, then rock it.

What’s that? You wanna see the new ‘do? Okay. Okay. Here it is:


There’s that confident SMILE!

My hairdresser is right. I really do rock this!! 😉


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