A Year of Smiles – Day 206


“Hey, Pookie. You got a minute?” said the voice on the phone.  It was one of my best friends from college.

Yes. Yes. She called me “Pookie”.  She gave me that nickname the moment we met (You can read more about that back on Day 173.) and she still calls me “Pookie” today. I wouldn’t have it any different!

My friend and I had been commenting back and forth on Facebook about my new hairdo (See Day 205). By the way, yesterday’s post about my new haircut has received the most traffic of all my daily smiles thus far. Hmmm… If drastic changes is what it takes to get the views, I don’t know how I’m going to top that. Oooooo, maybe I’ll get a tattoo. Uhmm, Nope! 😉 Anyway, my friend mentioned that she was going to send me a private message but the next thing I knew, my phone was ringing. She decided to give me a call instead. And, boy, am I glad that she did.

It’s been a while since I’ve heard the voice of my dear friend. The fault for that is no one’s but mine. We were once close in our college days. She was a friend that I could have fun with, rely on, talk to, receive advice from – solicited or not! – and be myself with. Oh, and I loved to make her laugh because when she laughed, she held nothing back. Her laugh was, and still is, big, bold and boisterous. (How’d you like that alliteration? Pretty awesome, huh!) No one could replace my friend, Greta. Nothing could change our friendship.

But something did…


You see, near the end of my time at college, I made some choices that I knew were not the best choices for me. The guilt over my behavior caused me to pull away from my friends, the friends who I knew would not approve of my choices, the friends who would look me in the eye and tell me I was wrong, the true friends like Greta. Ultimately, after college, I pulled away completely. I didn’t feel as though I deserved such a wonderful friend or that my friend would look at me as the same Pookie she once knew.

But Greta, my loving friend, wouldn’t let me go. She has never once wavered in our friendship. She has always been a friend who reaches out to me, encourages me and prays for me. Her friendship has taught me a valuable lesson which is this: we must be careful which voices we choose to heed in our lives. In my days of guilt and regret, I chose to listen to the voice of Satan who whispered lies in my ear telling me I was unworthy of my friends and of God’s mercy and forgiveness. If I had only listened to the voice of the Heavenly Father, I would have heard serenades of love and overtures of forgiveness – by far, a much better listening experience!

My SMILE today came from hearing my friend’s voice – a voice that is faithful to lift me up when I am down, redirect me when I am astray and keep me company throughout life’s journey. Do you have a voice like that in your life? Or are the voices in your life whispering lies of your unworthiness or incompetence? Stop listening to those lies. Tune your ear to the voice of the Father who is calling out, “I love you. I made you. You are priceless. I will forgive you. I will restore you. I have a plan for you and, child, my plan is good.”


5 thoughts on “A Year of Smiles – Day 206

  1. My dearest Pookie…wow! Ok….let’s just say tears! I want you to know how eleated/honored I feel to be called…..friend by you! You ar such a beautiful display of Christ’s Love! I had to laugh as I was sharing with another college friend Sunday about all the crazy…. “We all did in college!” ( some we hid and some we did not hide… that’s only because we could not) We were all in the same boat trying to survive and gain some sense of self and we none knew what that looked like! We tried this or that and perhaps attempted to find sure ground or to enhance knowledge of what/how our parents reared us! Nevertheless; we were all so far from where each of us ended up and are now! It still remains true…even to this day July 26, 2017…We are still attempting to gain and enhance that in which we already know…yet so it so far from our reach….why? The Lord is Faithful that promised….Eyes hath not seen nor ears heard what the Lord has in store for those who love Him! In one word…our lives and experiences are ” LimitLess!”
    Sometimes the experiences and processes aren’t that pleasant! If we go through the process correctly, we learn that the product in the end is one of great value….even “priceless!”
    I will end this by saying quoting the Golden Girls theme song:
    ” Thank you for being a friend…traveled down the road and back again…your heart is true you’re a pal and a confidant…
    If you threw a party and invited everyone you knew…you would see that greatest gift for me is when the card attached would say….Thank you for being a friend!”
    I love you Pookie!

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